wiring lights

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Question wiring lights

I have power coming from circut breakers to juction box and also wires from lights going to juction box. how do i wire my 3 light switches out of the juction box?
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first things first, how many wire come from the breakers, and what color are they?) How many wires go to he lights, and what color are they? Are all three switches single pole, or do you have three way switches to conted with?
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wiring lights

i have 3 runs of #12-2 romex coming from circut breakers. black, white,&bare-i have the same coming from the lights. i need to know how to connect to 3 different switches?
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single pole swiches is what im using
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3 runs of #12-2 romex coming from lights to juction box
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Talking waiting

ive had my coffee and i want to wire my lights with all do respect why arent you replying ?
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Please understand that this forum does not work like a chat room. A number of very knowledgeable volunteers drop in here once or twice or three times a day as their schedules permit. Posters here almost always get a good answer within 24 hours. Although many times the answers come faster, it's hard to count on it.

I assume that you want one switch on each circuit. I'm also hoping that this junction box is really, really big, because you have put a lot of wires in it. Please know that I'm starting with where you are (because you asked us to), but not many people would have begun this job the way you did. If you don't already have several good books on home wiring, please pick some up before you begin.

This is just a general outline because there are many, many variables that we can't see:
  • Run three more 12/2 cables from the junction box, one to each switch box.
  • Mark both ends of each of these three new white wires with a black marker.
  • Connect all the bare wires in the junction box together.
  • For each circuit/switch/light combination, the wiring is the same, so repeat the next three instructions below for each one.
  • Connect the power feed black to the reidentified white to the switch.
  • Connect the black from the switch to the black to the light.
  • Connect the white from the power to the white to the light.
  • At each switch, connect the black and reidentified white to the two brass screws and the bare to the green screw.
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Talking 3 switchs

I finished my project, with the help of my neighbor electrician! After my coffee this morning and waiting for a reply i called my neighbor and he told me basically the same you did except he didnt tell me to go buy a bunch of books, he politley came over and walked me through the procedure. I told him thank you and he went and did his thing and i began to wire my lights,using my big juction box!when i finished the wiring of the 3 switches they worked properly. Lights came on with the lift of the switch and off in the other direction etc. thank you for replying after the coffee,helpful-polite neighbor, and on the job experience! Next time i will get up earlier .

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