Dimming fluorescents...

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Dimming fluorescents...

I have a lot of strip fluorescents providing indirect lighting in my loft. I would like the ability to dim the fluorescents. I have installed roughly 100 strip fixtures to date, and I did not realize (a) that they would be so bright; or (b) they are difficult to dim--e.g., I did not get ballasts that are specifically rated as dimmable. My question is this: Can I install incandescent dimmer switches on the fluorescents? If so, what issues can I expect? Anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks much!
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one quick point about dimmer .. to use the indscent dimmer with flourscent ballast is a big no no ... there are few manufacters that do make flourescent ballast with dimming in it and with matching dimmmer devices with it .

one company i know is advance ballast they do make it and the other one is magtek ( hope the spelling is right)
but i have listing of ballast manufacters with me. i have over 30 listed with me but i will wait until other members have to say and bear in mind the cost of ballast is kinda high by the way ..

merci marc
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your other choice is to recircuit the ballasts & add more switches.
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Yes, you can use incandesant dimmers on flouresent lighting, as long as you have dimming ballasts. As French said, there are several companies that make dimming ballasts. My personal recommendation is to use Lutron dimming ballasts and Lutron dimmers. I've installed many lights in this configuration and have yet to have a complaint.

I'm presuming your strips have T8 lamps. If so then what you are looking for is... http://www.lutron.com/ballast/tuwire.asp

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