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Question Hard Wired Range

We are replacing our free standing electric range with a new one. The old one is hard wired to the house. The new one uses a 220 outlet. The outlet is there for the new one, but we are unsure how to disconnet the old stove. I can easily disconnect the wires from the actual unit, but then what about the rest of the wiring? How can we safely disconnect the hard wired stove? Thank you!
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I presume the "hard wiring" is acomplished via a flexible whip, that probably comes up through the floor. If that is the case, then somewhere underneath the stove, in tthe basement, you will find that whip entering a junction box. If so, disconnect the whip wires at that box, wire nut the wires coming to the box from the panel and close it back up. If the whip to the range runs all the way back to the panel, disconnect it there.

If the whip feeding the range comes out of the wall, behind the stove, then it is likely that it terminates in the closest electrical box in the wall (that range recpt. would be a good place to start.)
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I'm baffled by your description-- do you want to transfer the end of an existing cable from an existing "hard-wired" appliance connection to a receptacle-connection for a new appliance, and that you need to know how to de-energized the circuit???

Good Luck & Enjoy the Experience!!!!
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To follow-up with both replies:

I do believe we have the whip set-up you described. We do not have a basement, but I slithered under the house and there is a box that the wiring goes into. If I'm reading you correctly, I should be able to disconnect from there, wire nut everything, close it up and be done. Then I can just plug the new range into the existing 220 outlet.

The whole house has baffling projects. There is an existing stove hard wired into the house. Then there is also a 220 outlet in the wall (not currently in use). I'm pulling out the old range which is hard wired and I'm replacing it with a new range that will use the outlet instead. I was trying to determine how to disconnect the wiring from the old stove. Is that any more understandable.

Thanks for the input!
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It sounds like you found your power feed. But, before you disconnect it, I would advise checking the 220 recept. to see that it has power and is wired correctly. (with a volt meter check both hots to ground, you should get 120V. Then check between the two hots, where you should get 240V.) I have to wonder why they hard wired the stove when a recept. was available. Could be that the stove is a different voltage, could be that they didn't want to attach a cord to thew stove, could be that there's something wrong with that 220V. recept. Always check it out before removing anything. You wouldn't want to have to redo the work you ripped out.
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Thank you for the additional follow-up. I will certainly test the outlet before we rip anything out. Hopefully, it is a functioning outlet. The joy of redoing an older house is all those little unexpected secrets that come out of the closests, nooks and crannies. Thank you.

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