Add a fixture to a 3way circuit

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Question Add a fixture to a 3way circuit

I am attempting to add a light fixture to an existing 3way circuit. The feed is at a switch (first floor) remote from where I wish to add the fixture. The new fixture is near the END switch (lower level) and remote from the existing fixture (in the attic).

I have access to the 3 wire running up to the attick fixture. I have access to a circuit feed at the existing fixture and I can add a feed to the end switch fairly easy.

Because I can not draw a picture here is how the circuit lays out. (SW 1) Feed hot to 3way switch on the first level. Common to 3 wire to the attic, red from the 3 way sw to the attic, black from the 3 way sw to the attic. in the attic there is a JB.

(JB) Red from sw 1 to Red to sw 2., white to fixture, black to white to sw 2 (code BL).

(SW 2, lower level) from SW Black to JB and fixture BL, Red to red, white (coded BL) to BL in JB.

Does this make sense to you? This is a classic circit with the feed coming from SW1, fixture in the center and a remote SW2. I want to add a fixture to the circuit very near sw 2. How?

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Your description baffles me because you refer to a "1st-floor" switch and a "lower-level" switch.

If my "analysis" is correct, the is a 3-wire cable from the "1st-floor" switch to a JB in the attic.

Q?-- Is the fixture connected to the wires in the "JB"?

There is a 3-wire cable from the JB to the "lower-level" switch, which suggest this is a "switch-loop", which means there is no Neutral connection in the "lower-level" S-B and this precludes connecting a 2nd. fixture to the wires in the "lower-level" S-B.

The cable for the 2nd. fixture will have to be extended from the J-B.

Good Luck & Enjoy the Experience!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks for the reply. Sw1 is on the 1st floor and controls a spot for the driveway fed from in the attic. There is a JB in the attic. The fixture is wired to the common from sw1 feed. Sw1 has red and black wired to the JB in the atic. In the JB red to red, white to fixture, black to white (going to sw2 in the basement). Fixture black to black going to sw2. SW2 is wired to the jb as described.

I wish I could draw it!! Anyway, the JB is in the attic and the new fixture is at the garage, the lower level. Unfortunately this is western framing... no straight shot to the attic.

I have the ability to get at a feed at the lower level or at the JB in the attic. I would like to utilize the existing 3 wire cables and just re-work the connections. Thoughts?
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You can make a picture of the circuit if you have a scanner. You can attach this to your post much like email attachments. See F.A.Q. "attachments" ....RL
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You cannot use attachments as described in the FAQ. You must post the picture to a web site on which you have storage rights, and then you can link to it from here.
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Sadly I do not have a scanner. so..

Here is my thought. I am going to power the circuit from SW2 in the garage on the lower level. Common will come from the new feed to the new fixture and up to the orginal fixture. Hot to sw2, at sw1 remove the feed, common now coded black, hot removed.

Sw1 is in a gang sw box so I will just remove the pigtail to the hot feed.

Basically reversing sw1 and sw2 in a end fed 3way circuit.


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