bathroom light/fan switch

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bathroom light/fan switch

I have a bathroom light that is separate from an exhaust fan. The light and the fan are operated by the same switch. I want to put each on a separate switch so I can operate the light separately from the fan. When I open the switch box, there are three groups of wires. (nine wires in all) I think one supplies power to an outlet, one to the light and one to the fan. The outlet needs to be always hot. I purchased a two single pole switch, but I am not sure this is what I need. Help!
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Hello jhinton, first i think what you probalby have is power being brought to the switch box on one set of wires, (wires in the same cable) , one set of wires going to the receptacle and one set of wires going from the switch to either the light first or fan first then to the other fixture. It is also possible power is coming to the switch from the receptacle. At any rate in order to use two switches and operate the light and fan independently you are going to have to fish a 12/3 with grnd from the switch to the first fixture after the switch. If I'm reading this right, that fixture will have 3 black wires, 3 white wires and 3 bares. The other fixture will have 2 blacks, 2 whites and a bare connected to the fixture ring . The 12/3 will take the place of the set of wires that has its black wire connected to one of the screws of the original switch. This black wire will be by itself on the switch screw with no other wires connected to it. The other black wires will be in a wirenut and one pigtailed black wire going to the other screw of the switch. Is this what you have? The whites should all be together in a wire nut and bares will be all together. So before we go on please post back if this is what you have and if not describe how wires are connected in the switch box. Also drop light fixture and fan and describe number of wires in each fixture and their connections just to cover our bases. I will yield to a moderator if they reply as their experience is much greater than mine however answer these questions and we should be off on the right foot....RL

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