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Question Help with wiring issues

I need some help with replacing a wall switch in my mobile mansion. I will try to be as detailed as possible. 1997 Redwood singlewide. Replacing wall switch in son's bedroom with a motion activated light switch. I removed the old recepticle which consisted of three sets of wires (3 grounds, 3 neutrals, 3 hot). The type of recepticle they were originally installed in didn't have screws, the wires were just pushed down in a very tight metal slot that would pierce the insulation and expose the wire to the metal for current conduction. I have no idea what set of wires go to what. With all of the wires hanging out of the wall and kept separated, there was of course no overhead light in the bedroom but there was also no power to the bathroom light and exhaust fan which is on the other side of the wall. Using a voltage tester, I found that only one set of the three sets of wires had juice running through the hot wire when the breaker was turned on. What I have done thus far is connect all three grounds together, all three neutrals together and all three hots together along with the new recepticle's wires which consist of two black wires and one green grounding wire. Taped everything up really well and put back in wall. Turned breaker back on and behold there was light. The only problem was that it wouldn't turn off! If I turned the switch to the off or auto setting, the bedroom light wouldn't turn off at all (bathroom was all OK). If I turned the switch to the on position I could hear the overload and the breaker would immediately trip. I know something isn't wired right somewhere, I just don't know where or how to fix it. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hello MagicalEyes and Welcome To The Do It Yourself Web Site.

I found your question in the Mobile Homes forum. Since the question pertains to an electrical problem, I moved it into this forum. I am sure the electrical professionals here can help you.
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The three sets of wires you have are as follows:

One set is hot, from the panel or form some other circuit in the house.

One set goes to the light.

One set goes to the bathroom.

You are right to connect the grounds together, as well as the neutrals. You must also connect the ground from the sensor to the bare ground wires.

However, you cannot simply connect all three hot wires together. You need to connect the hot from the panel to the hot which goers to the bathroom. This hot also needs to be connected to the input side of the sensor, and the hot to the light needs to be connected to the output side of the switch.
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I'm confused. Are you changing the wall switch or a receptacle? Is this maybe a combo unit with a switch and a receptacle?
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Magical eyes wiring

Identify which black wire is hot coming in to ceiling box then be sure the breaker is tripped to find the switch wire, since you have already identified the hot coming in to the ceiling box, take the switch out in the bedroom and leave the wires hanging out of the box, don't let them touch. take one set of the remaining wires, hook the hot black to the black, white to the white, turn breaker on, flip the bathroom light switch on, if it came on, the remaining wires in the bedroom ceiling box is the switch loop, if the bath light did not come on, check for voltage on the wires hanging out of the bedroom switch box, if voltage is there, these are your switch loop wire. Turn the breaker off, disconnect the wires you tied together, identify the white switch loop wire by wrapping with black electrical tape. connect all the white wires together including the one from the light fixture, connect the bare ground wires together, connect all your black wires together except for the black wire coming from the light fixture. You should have only one wire left, the white that you taped black, tie it to the black wire coming from the light fixture, be sure all wires are properly wire nutted then replace light fixure. Wire the motion light switch per the instructions rhat came with it Hope this helps.

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