Low Voltage Track Lighting - Buying new fixtures

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Low Voltage Track Lighting - Buying new fixtures

We have track lighting that was made by "Edison". One by one over the last 2 years 8 of the fixtures have quit working.. tried replacing the bulbs, moving the fixtures around on the track, anything we could think of. Apparently, there is a reason this company no longer exists.

Anyway, the track that we have looks like typical track for track lighting. We bought them all as a set and it is considered "Low voltage" track lighting.
Each movable/re-movable fixture on the track has it's own transformer.

These are made for halogen bulbs
The transformers/fixtures have the following label:
120V ~ 60HZ / 12V ~ 50W

two company names on here:
Edison (This was marketed under this name on the box)
and Cooper Lighting

The type of track, I think, would be considered "HT" or "3wire" track .. Each fixture does have 3 "connector tabs" on it and only fits on the track in one direction.

I actually have 4 questions:

1) Is the track itself considered "Low-voltage", or does the "low-voltage" part come into play at the transformer?

2) Can I remove all transformer style fixtures and replace with regular incandescent bulb style fixtures?

3) If that is OK, will they fit?

I have found info on the above 3 questions which states that the track is "always" line voltage, and that the low-voltage comes into play with the transformers.. This info also says that you could even mix low-voltage and line-voltage fixtures if they fit the type of track.
Can someone verify that info?

4) If I must use the same, transformer style fixtures, Are they all basically OK to use? Interchangeable between brands usually...?

I am convinced that the track is fine (simple, no moving parts... and the 3 lamps that are left on the track still work). So we should not have to replace the track because of non-working fixtures..

I just need to know which way to go. I would rather do regular incandescent bulb/fixtures... easier to find, cheaper- and then we could dim it easier too (Tried dimming with the "dimmable transformers" and they buzz... typical.)

If someone out there knows the answers to those questions- I can "Make a move" on it today.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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1. The track is 120V. Low voltage (12V in this case) is accomplished at the transformer on the fixture.

2. Yes.

3. As long as they are designed to work with your track system, they'll fit fine.

4. Regardless of what fixtures you buy, they need to be compatible with your particular track. There are four or five different track systems that I am aware of, and the parts and light heads are not interchangeable. However, all hope is not lost. Edison was the DIY/homecenter product line for Cooper lighting. While Edison isn't found on the shelves anymore, Cooper is still alive and well. Take a look at Halo lightings (also part of the Cooper family) track system, if I'm not mistaken it is identical to yours. (If memory serves me correctly, the Hampton Bay line from Home Depot is also the same system.) Take one of your track heads with you when you go shopping. Any track head with the same retaining ears and power tabs (same thickness, length etc.) will be what you want.

Also, to eliminate the transformer buzz when using a dimmer, you need to use a dimmer rated for electronic low voltage applications. A standard dimmer will not work without causing t-former buzz. (In the case of Lutron dimmers, any dimmer rated for use with your track heads will have the letters "ELV" somewhere in the product/catalog number.)

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