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Question Indoor Lighting Question

I have a new home and would like more lighting along three of the living room walls and ending at a light switch that is already powering a floor outlet. What I would like to do is connect the floor outlet to constant power and use the switch just for the lighting which should not be a problem. What I am wondering is should I connect the lights in series, parallel or make seperate wire runs from each light to the switch and pigtail them? If I can connect them in series or parallel what would be the proper way of doing so? Thank you for any help you can give me.
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Assuming you have the power at the switch (one black one white one ground)

Pull the wire from light 1 to the switch. The wires from light 1 are black white and ground

Pull the wire from light one to light 2. at light two the wires are black white and ground. this continues for the correct # of lights

At the switch connect the black wire from the power source to the top screw on the switch. Connect the black from light 1 to the bottom screw of the light switch. splice both of the white wires together. The grounds will be pigtailed and landed on the ground screw of the box.(if you use metal)

At light 1 you have two cables plus the wires from the light. The black from the switch and from light 2 as well as the black from the light are spliced together do the same for the 3 whites and the 3 grounds.

at light 2 you only have one set of wires and the wires from the light itself This is the last light of this scenerio otherwise there would be more wires) connect the black from light 1 to the black from the light fixture white to white and ground to ground and the metal box (if you use metal)

If you install more than two lights each additional light would be the same as for light 1 until you get to the last light which would be the same as light 2 in my example. Remember turn the power off and test it to be sure it is off. check your work twice and it should be fine.

post back with the results or more ?'s
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Sparky, your directions are misleading..

You forgot to tell him anything about what to do at the outlet.

He either has to redo the connections at the outlet (if there is only one black, one white and one ground at the switch), or he will have to properly connect the extra wires at the switch.

Please tell us what wires are presently at the switch and at the outlet and we can provide better directions.

To answer your questiojn about the lights, the lights are connected electrically in parallel, with the cable going serially from the switch to the first light, then to the second light, then to the third light, etc.

if you have a significant number of lights, and they are high wattage then you should consider what else will be on the same circuit.
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Racraft your right I forgot about the recept.

Guess thats why I'm the Village Idiot
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Talking Hey Sparky

Perfect!! I got it all wired and appreciate the help. Once again Thanks Sparky!

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