lamp with 4 bulbs- i have the wiring all messed up!

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Angry lamp with 4 bulbs- i have the wiring all messed up!

ok here's the deal I have this floor lamp, it is rather old. There is a three way in the center, surrounded by 3 other sockets. When it is wired properly, there is control for the 3 outer sockets( they have their own switch) to be 1 on, 2 on, all 3 on, or off. Then the middle socket has it's own switch, and it is a three way. i'm going to attach a pic. So there is the wire that comes up from the base. Then for the 3 sockets I have this " thing" that has a black center with 3 wires coming out from it. All the sockets have a wire- which splits into 2 and somehow attach to the black thing and then somehow goes on to the middle socket??#@$%^&***!! Oh help-- I love this lamp and don't want to get rid of it.
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All the magic for this light is in the switch. As long as you can identify each individual wire fron each light and get it on the correct terminal of the switch you will have your lamp back. you will need a continuity tester to identify each wire from each lamp. Every lamp will have 2 wires a Hot and a Neutral, the neutral will be connected to the screw shell of the lamp socket the other wire will be connected to little hot pin at the bottom of the lamp socket. once you have each wire identified all the neutrals get connected together. Now the fun, each hot will be put on the corresponding terminal of the switch. you will need to figure out which terminal does what with either a schematic for that type of switch or you will need to sort it iut with your continuity tester like you did with the lampwires. If you get stuck post back with the specifics and we can go from there.
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floor lamp

It seem as though I have the exact same lamp with the exact same problem, but I don't have a continuity tester. My lamp has the power cord coming up into the base, which has 3 lower lamps, with a rotary switch with 3 wires coming out of it. It hasn't worked since I've had it, so I don't really know how its supposed to work. I'm assuming 1on, or 2 on, or 3 on and off. There's also an upper socket with what I assume is a 3 way swith on it. It holds a large base bulb and I've only seen them in 3 way. Is there any way to rewire this without tester and without trial and error method of popping breakers?

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