Junction Box Connections

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Junction Box Connections

I'm wiring a juntion box with the source being a split circuit (3/12 w/ ground). I'm connecting each leg (black and red) of this split circuit to 3 12 ga. wires. I'm not getting a fuzzy feeling when I use wire nuts, they don't seem to grab so well on 4 12 ga. wires. My question is can I connect 2 pairs of the 12 ga. wires together, then use a pigtail to connect them together? Or is this even necessary? I just want a very secure "permanent" connection. In case I'm not describing this well I'll give you an example of what I want to do:
take the black source and connect it to 2 downline wires with a pigtail, these I would crimp and tape.
then I would take the black pigtail and connect it to the other 2 downline wires and crimp and tape.
After that I would do the same with the red.
the grounds I have no problem with.
Does this sound O.K.
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I'm not sure the code says anything againstthis ,however it is not something I would do (if that matters ).

4 #12 wires should fit unde a red wire nut comfortably. if you feel like you are not getting a good bite from the wire nut twist the wires first with a pair of wiremans pliers then install the wire nut. after it is secure pull on the nut and each conductor to ensure that it does not pull out.

As for your idea the more connections you make the more weak points in the system(splices are a weak link).Just my $.03
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The bag/box of wirenuts should say how many it can hold per NEC. I think it's up to 5 #12's for the big red wirenuts.
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What brand nuts? I like Wire Nut brand or Wing Nut. I had a few boxes of Scotch I threw out, never liked the way they seem to work.

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