Update - Phew!! Mission Accomplished

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Update - Phew!! Mission Accomplished

About two weeks ago I wrote of a problem I had regarding UF cable & a lawn lamp. Basically the problem was that the UF Cable had broken where it exited one of the lamp legs to supply the lamp mechanism. There was no slack to pull up on to use to splice a new cable to. The lamp was entwined with ivy extending out around the lamp base. When I very carefully dug down around the lamp base I encountered another problem - the builders had poured cement around the lamp base & by doing so had encased the UF cable in concrete. Through much hard work I was able to dig out the UF cable from where it was encased in the concrete at the lamp base to a pont several feet away. I was able to chisel away enough of the concrete to create a path to lay new UF cable in. I also cut through the lamp leg that the UF cable was fed through at a point below ground. I then placed some PVC aound the lamp leg at the point where I had cut it, elbowed it & extended it to a point several feet from the lamp base - at an easier access point if future work has to be done. All the time I was very careful not to destroy the IVY & plants around the lamp & not destroy the lamp. I then cut the old UF cable at this point threaded new UF cable through the lamp leg & PVC & using a UF splice kit spliced the new cable to the old cable. When I made the splice I noticed another screw up by the original buildersuilders - where the UF cable exited the lamp leg it was 14G/3, further back where I spliced it they had stripped the black wire away so it was essentially like 14G/2 cable. I knew that the black wire was not active when tested it at the point where the cable broke but I figured it was at least "there" so that if I ever wanted to activate it back at the switch box I could but little did I know what they had done. Anyway not knowing this I used 14G/3 for my new section of cable. When it came time for the splice the black wire simply has no corresponding black wire in the old UF cable. Finally I'm happy to say the lamp is working again & I didn't destroy the lawn or lamp in the process. It just amazed me at how involved "this simple" project was made especially so by the original builders actions(Not running UF cable through PVC & then compounded this problem by encasing it in concrete). Sorry for the long-winded description but I wanted to give those who have offered their help an update . Thanks for listening.
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For anybody who wants to see what led up to this, look here.
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The update(s) are always appreciated by those who have helped another to solve a problem. I wish every poster, who has asked for, and received help, would be so kind as to do the same.

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