Christmas Lights - Part Deux

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Christmas Lights - Part Deux

I saw another thread that came very close to answering my question but unfortunately my knowledge is not deep enough to fill in the blanks.

I have several strings of lights where half the bulbs are not working. I sat down last night with one of them essentially pulling and replacing each bulb with itself one at a time hoping that maybe one of the bulbs had a bad connection. I also eyeballed each bulb looking for any burnt ones and found several which I replaced.

My question: what are the key things I should check in the hopes I can get the other half of these strings working? Are they hopeless?

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You have a burnt bulb. Pull one of the working bulbs out. Test each bulb of the no working string in that socket. There are probably more thant one burnt out bulb.
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I am an electrician and have a clue about these things.
That being said I have resigned myself to taking any light set that doesn't work completely and tossing it as far as I can, hopefully hitting the nearest trash receptacle!
They are too cheap to mess with, IMHO.
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Mini lights are designed so that when they burn out they become a short circuit, enabling the rest of the lights on the string to continue working. Unfortunately they sometimes don't short properly, becoming an open. This means that the portion of the string containing the bad bulb won't work. Unfortunately you must find it. If you really want to find it, test each bulb from that portion of the string in a working string.

There is another issue. Sometimes the strings just give out, and won't work at all. When this happens, it is easier to replace them than to try to fix them.
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Here's my system: Take a spare bulb. Replace the first unlit bulb with the spare. Replace the second unlit bulb with the first bulb, replace the third bulb with the second, and so on until the string lights up. Throw away the last bulb because it is the bad one.

If I can't get the string to work this way I just chuck it (sometimes I'll run through the string a second time).
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I used to fool around with these stupid lights...trying to save them and all. My new thing now is at the end of the year, toss the lights in the garbage. The cost is worth not being aggravated. You can get new light sets real cheap after the holidays and thats the way i go. No more wasting time chasing a burnt bulb!

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