Wiring from inside to out

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Question Wiring from inside to out

I'm installing a new 120v, 15a circuit. I'm running the cable from inside my bathroom, up the wall, into the attic and then outside to the panel. In my installation, it will be easier to drill a hole directly into the eve, rather than drill into the wall (I live in a ranch style house) in order to reach the attic. Is it safe to run the cable out of the eve rather than having it coming out of the wall? The hole in the eve would be about 2 inches away from the main wall. What is the best way to do this?

Once it's outside, I plan on running it through conduit to the panel.

I've considered running it down into the basement, but the cable would have to run through some duct work and across a gas line, which didn't seem like a good idea to me.

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I'm guessing the panel is in the outside of the house. Running near a gas line is O.K. but you are correct not to run the wire in the ductwork {violates Natl Elect.Code}.If you can I would run a conduit on the outside wall thru the eave {have about an 1 " or 2" showing in the attic}.Run Romex from the bathrm into the attic to the conduit. You will have to mount a box where the conduit can be placed & the Romex be brought into to splice the wires.You will also need to find a way to bring the conduit into the panel {if outside}.You need to run individual wires in the conduit {black,white,green Romex in pipe is aviolation}.
I think I covered everything about running the wire. Any other questions please post back.
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Just curious what code does running romex inside a conduit violate? As long as the pipe is large enough It can be done. Though I do not reccomend it as it is difficult to do and unnecessary. I agree with the way you described it i'm just curious on the code violation.

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There is nothing wrong with "sleeving" the romex with conduit from the eave to the panel for physical protection. It is done all of the time and eliminates an unneccessary splice in the attic.(Not to mention that it is alot easier) Just be sure that if you enter in the top of the panel, to use a fitting called a Myers Hub to prevent the entry of water into the panel.

Just out of curiousity, what is the 15 amp circuit in the bathroom for?
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There have been a lot of credible arguments on both sides advanced by a lot of knowledgeable people. Without rehashing the details, it seems that the NEC both says you can and that you cannot run NM in a complete conduit system. I believe that the NEC committee screwed up by failing to make their intentions clear.

It is generally agreed however that NM in conduit is rarely the best solution, except for short sections.
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Oh I agree that nm in pipe is a pain I was just curious if there was an actual article in the NEC that prohibits it. ROB1kva pointed out it was a violation and I thought he might be able to enlighten me. Ihave spent a little time looking and nothing yet. 334.12 Uses not permitted says nothing about conduit. 334.15 (B) Protection From Physical Damage lists conduit, EMT and PVC as acceptable means for protection. Again no mention of wether it can be in a
complete conduit system
I was always led to believe if id doesn't specificaly say that you cannot do something it is not a violation. Again I agree I would not pull romex thru conduit except to sleve it for protection(short legnths),but I do not believe it is a violation.
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This is great, I enjoy discussing installations on this level {my only regret is that it's not inperson}. I was always taught you can't run NM in conduit because the jacket is techinically a conduit. It cannot be run in a completed pipe run & terminated in boxes. But you can sleeve NM going down a masonry wall provided there are bushings where the NM enters. In this particular case I thought the ambient temp of the attic may to high for NM/pipe, maybe I was over thinking it.

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