To much power for 1 home

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To much power for 1 home


I was over my friends house and he is thinking of getting rid of the gas range and going with an electric range/ stove , plus getting one of those over the stove microwaves. Which he has neither of right now.

My question is, his house is but 30 years old, not old at all but he has a very small fuse box which only holds about 16 fuses. I don't know much about electrical stuff but the fuse box only has 1 big cable coming in it from out-side , which would make it a 120 box, correct?

Will it be to much power on the box for him to go from gas to electric? Being that the stove and the microwave will be using up 4 of the fuses, plus he also has one giant air condition in the wall, which sucks up power.

I'm kinda thinking he will have problems come summer if he has the a/c on and the stove, and just say his wife pops on the hair dryer, all at the same time.

Myself I just moved in a house which has no gas at all, everything is electric except for the oil heat, and my fuse box is giant which holds probable 50 fuses and it has 2 big cables coming in from out side.

I'm thinking he should double up the power from out-side and maybe get a bigger box, but will he have problems if he don't?
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Hello: YellowTang

Certainingly will be drawing much too much current. He would have to calculate the total current draw of both the range and the microwave and add that total draw into the circuit from which the appliances will be plugged into.

Most likely be much more than the current circuit or circuits can handle and far too much to draw using older out dated wiring, besides all the other existing electrical hardware.

The cost to upgrade has to be figured into the costs also. Once the entire project is completed, the final costs of electrical upgrades included into the appliances costs, may out weight the costs he is willing to spend.

The gas appliances currently there where not figured into the electrical current draw per say. Much to low. Mught be best to consider a total electrical up grade for the new appliances or keep gas as the cooking fuel source.

Since I am not an electrican, I moved your question into this forum topic where the resident electrical professionals can further asist you with much more in the way of electrical circuity systems, etc.

If you need further assistance, use the REPLY button to add any additional information or ask additional questions. Doing so will automatically move your question to the top of the forums list of questions.

Regards & Good Luck. Sharp Advice.
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First off, the number of wires coming in from outside has NO bearing on what size service he has. For a house of this age it would be a 240 volt, 100 amp service. You have a 200 amp service due to the 40 circuit panel you have.

Second, he will be adding 3 spaces to the panel. The range is 240v. while the micro is 120v..
I'm sure you maen breakers. Houses of this age did not use fuses.

If his panle is full physically this would, to me, be enough reason to upgrage to a 200 amp service. Especially if he has a/c's and will probably add more in the future.

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