New GFCI installed but no power?

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Question New CGFI installed but no power?

I recently purchased a 1977 home. When I had my home inspection the CGFI in the master bath was working.
My hair dryer blew it out so nothing would work ,tried reset etc.
Also, the receptacle on the wall in the bedroom stopped working.
I installed a new CGFI and a new outlet in the Bedroom. I followed all the instructions, black/brass 2 wires 1copper /green ground and white to silver screws.
Please help me? I have switched out receptacles before. Although never in a home this old nor a CGFI.
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Did you put the "hot" wires (coming in) to the "line" screws and the other set of wires to the "load" screws?
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I know I just connected 2 black (hot) wires to the brass screws and 2 white wires to the silver screws and ground coopper to the bottom green screw. The instructions did not say anything about load or line?
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A GFCI outlet has two sets of terminals. There are load terminals and there are line terminals.

The two power wires (the hot and the return) must be connected to the line side. Any downstream outlets and/or fictures to be protected must be connected to the load side.

One of two things is wrong. You connected the line side to the load terminals, or you mixed the line and load connections in some way.

Another possibility (although remote) is that there is another GFCI further upstream that has also tripped and needs to be reset.
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I hope not too stupid of a question, but if 2 wires are black and 2 are white, which wire of the same color is load and which is line?How can you tell?
I just selected randomly to the brass and silver screws.
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OK I switched wires and the GFI still does not work? What next?
Thanks!I am running out of daylight. How much would it cost for an electrician?I live in Florida
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Most GFCI receptacles come with a full page of tiny print instructions. I suspect you did not read every word. Otherwise, you may have noted instructions for line and load, and may have seen a procedure for figuring out which is which.

However, a line/load problem is not why the receptacle is dead. And you can't conduct the tests to determine line and load while it is dead. I suspect you have a failed backstab. Search this forum (using the "Search this forum" box below) for the word "backstab" and you'll have many happy hours of reading (I found 94 threads). But unless you are a serious DIYer, you may want to seek professional help. The procedure for finding a failed backstab is tedious.
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Did you check the breaker or fuse controlling this receptacle. It sounds like the breaker is popped or you have a bad connection somewhere else on the circuit before the gfci.

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