Kitchen Island Electrical Questions

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Kitchen Island Electrical Questions

Hello all;
I plan on installing an "L" shaped kitchen island with a sink in the corner of the "L" and dishwasher at the end of one of the legs of the "L". I would like to integrate a garbage disposal as well as an electrical receptacle at the end of each leg of the "L". This brings up many electrical questions:

1) For the disposal, I planned on installing a receptacle under the sink and plugging the disposal into it. I would split the receptacle such that one side is always hot and the other switched for the disposal. My question: where do you recommend locating the switch on a kitchen island?

2) For the diswasher, can I plug it in to the always hot side of the receptacle under the sink or does it need to be hardwired seperately?

3) For the receptacles I want to install at the end of each leg of the "L", I plan on running the romex up the inside of the cabinets to the electrical boxes. Does the Romex have to be run inside any channel or conduit where it is exposed on the inside of the cabinets? Also, the dishwasher will be at the end of one of the legs of the "L"; can a receptacle be installed immediately adjacent to the side of a dishwasher on the end of an island without resorting to surface wiring? I assume these receptacles have to be GFCI protected (sink will be roughly 4' from each receptacle)?

4) As far as power service for the island is two 20 amp circuits satisfactory for this scenario? I was thinking one 20 amp circuit for the disposal and dishwasher and the other 20 amp circuit for the two receptacles.

Thanks in advance!
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The garbage disposal and the dishwasher can be on a single 20 amp circuit with a split duplex outlet, as you are suggesting. You will need to find a place to put the switch for the disposal. Is there any sort of backsplash to the sink being put in? There are also various types of decorative outlet mounting solutions for surface mounted outlets. I would look for one of these.

As for the other outlets, we need some more information. Are there other countertop outlets in this kitchen? Kitchens need two small appliance circuits. Are you adding a new circuit for these outlets, or are you tieing into existing circuits?

What size is this island? You may need additional outlets on the island if it is as big as it sounds. The wiring for the outlets (as well as for the disposal and dishwasher) must be protected. It is subjective as to just what this means, and you will likely get different opinions from everyone you ask about this. You might want to run the romex through plastic conduit at the back of the cabinets. This would probably meet most definitions of protected.
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To add, your assumption about the GFI is correct. Regardless of the sink ALL receptacles serving kitchen counters need to be GFI protected.
Also the receptacle at the end of the island cannot be more than 12" down from the counter top.
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Thanks for the posts so far Racraft and Speedy Petey; there will be no backsplash for the sink so I will have to look at other solutions. The cabinet for the sink has a false drawer front so I might be able to work with that. Someone told me to surface mount the switch just inside of the cabinet near where the door opens; not sure if I want to have to open the cabinet door to run the disposal; also not sure if it would meet code.

In response to your other question, I do have another set of cabinets/counter tops with small appliance receptacles that are on one circuit; I would add another small appliance circuit on the island. As far as size of the island, it is "L" shaped with each leg of the "L" measuring 72" outside dimension. Will one receptacle at each end of the "L" meet quantity requirements?

Also, does anyone have any ideas about installing a receptacle on the end of an island right next to a dishwasher?

Thanks again!

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