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I have a switch that controls an outlet. The power comes from the outlet to the switch. I'm going to put in a ceiling fan and want to use the existing switch. Here is what I have...

1) the 2 white wires are connected to the outlet. The red wire is also connected to the outlet. 2 Black wires are nutted together.

2) The switch has a black and a red attached and 2 white are nutted together...

I do not want the outlet controled by the switch. I need to have power to the switch and from the switch to the fan...

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There must be more wires somewhere. What other wires are at the switch and at the outlet and how are they connected?

Please be specific.
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If there are 2 White wires in the switch outlet-box, there must be 2 Black wires. Dis-connect the switch and wire-nut together the 2 Black wires, the Red wire, and an 8" Black lead which will connect to one of the two switch-terminals.

Connect the Black wire of the 2-wire cable from the fan to the other switch-terminal, and the White wire to the 2 existing White wires.

Pease know that with these connections, the receptacle is no longer switch-controlled.

Good Luck and Enjoy the Experience!!!!!!!!!!!
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Your description is a little vauge but this is what it sounds like.

Your power comes in from the plug you say, so the whites on the plug pass the neutral on to the switch, the blacks also pass the power on to the switch, then the power goes from the black through the switch to the red and back to the outlet, that is how the plug is controled.
so at the switch you should be able to have power on the black and the white. The one thing I dont understand is how do you have 2 whites at the switch, it sounds like there is only a 3 wire from the plug to the switch, unless there is already something else feeding on from the switch.
In any case if the way I understand your discription is right you can use the black and the white to feed your fan (providing your not overloading the circuit)
Are you planning on making the plug perminetly on or are you planning on having 2 switches beside each other?

Just a time saving tip for the future, if you are running a new wire for the fan even though it only needs a 2 wire(hot and neutral) I always run a 3 wire, that way if you have a light on the fan you have have it swiched independently of the fan, either the fan controled just by pull chains or by a fan control on the wall. Even if you dont think you will ever want this now, every house we wire we do it because 2 years down the road the customer calls back and wants the light seperate from the fan and then its a pain to fish the wires again.

Hope this helped.
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At the receptcle reove the red wire and use a 6" pigtail to connect receptacle to the black wires to the gold screw.
At the switch remove the red wire from the switch. Connect the black wire from your new cable tot he fan to the switch where you removed the red. Connect the fan cable white wire to the ohter white wires. Connect all the grounds.
The red wire will now do nothing. The switch will control the fan.

I'm not sure why you currently have 2 white wires at the switch. Is there a 2nd black wire also? Where does it go?

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