1oo amp

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1oo amp

I own an older house. It has all copper wire but I am only 60 amp. I would like to convert to 100 amp and also add several more outlets. I already have a circuit box in the basement but obviously not hooked up. It was there when I bought.The house still has fuses. What is involved in this? I'm sure I will need the skill and experience of a lisenced electrician but I want to be able to do as much prep work as I can.
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To convert the panel to 100 amp means replacing what you have with a 100 amp circuit breaker panel.

Depending on the wiring from the pole to the meter and from the meter to the fuse panel, some or all of that wiring may need to be replaced, or the wiring may be adequate as it. In my house I lucked out, the wiring was rated for 100 amps and in good shape, so the new panel was all that was needed.

Since this is a new panel, the grounding must be brought up to code as well.

If the meter is in a bad spot (or a less than ideal spot, like the basement), now is also the time to move the meter.

Existing wiring (existing circuits in the house) can be connected to the new panel. Existing wiring does not have to be brought up to code.

I would leave all of the above to a licensed electrician.

Make sure that the panel is large enough to allow for expansion. Get several quotes and compare them. ask questions if you don't understand something on the quote.

Your new circuit or circuits can be added at the time the new panel is installed, or any time after that. These you could do yourself, or have the electrician do. If you choose to do them youirself, buy a good book or two on electricial wiring so that you can read about how to do it.

If what you read makes sense to you (ie understand it) and you decide you want to tackle it, then plan in advance what you will need and how you will do it. I recommend starting simple, like any new basement outlets. Work up in complexity from there.

Post here if you have specific questions or want suggestions in a particular area. One caution though, don't expect us to be able to tell you step by step what you need to do and how you need to do it. Usually, we'll be happy to look over your plan and tell you if you forgot something, but most of us expect you to have a general idea what you need to do.

Good luck and let us know how everything turns out.

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