electrical outlets

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electrical outlets

I was wondering if it's ok to add outlets in my garage if I wire them up to the one thats in there and run conduit.
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Without more information, the answer is maybe.

What do you intend to use these outlets for? Is the outlet that ius already there GFCI protected? Is it a grounded outlet? What else is on the same circuit? is this an attached or detached garage? Is this a 15 or 20 amp circuit?
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Yes, as long as you use wire of a suitable gauge for the amperage of the circuit. If the circuit is 15A you can use 14ga, if 20A you must use 12ga.

Code requires that garage outlets be GFCI protected. If your existing outlet is a GFCI, you can feed the additional outlets off of that and they will be protected. If it isn't, it would be a good idea to replace it with a GFCI.

Even if the circuit is 20A, you can, and probably should, use 15A receptacles on it, unless you have a specific need for a 20A appliance.

As everyone here will tell you, don't use the backstab (push-in) wire connectors on the receptacles, use the screw connections.
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If I understand you already have outlets in the garage and just want to add more.

This is perfectly fine as long as you are not overloading the circuit. If you just want to add outlets so you can use something on one side of the garage and on the otherside depending on what you are doing this is no problem. If you are adding a plug so you can have lets say a freezer and still use your 15amp skillsaw at the same time I would look a little closer at what is all on the circuit.

Depending on where the wire is running you might not even need conduit, but that is application specific and you would need to post more info to be sure.
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my garage is attached to the house, what I did was i wired an outlet up on my garage wall about 10 feet from a light switch and ran conduit for the wires along the wall. I know this sounds crazy but at first it would only work if the switch was on then all of a sudden after a day or two it was working with the switch on or off. What do you think? I use this outlet for my 110 air compressor and it seems to work fine. It is a concrete wall so I used an outlet box to attach it to the wall.
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You're right. It does sound crazy.

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