Help – convert 3-way switch to simple one way switch

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Help – convert 3-way switch to simple one way switch

Thanks ahead of time – I am VERY NEW to this.

I have a light controlled by 2 different wall switches (3-way switches)

I want to disable one of the switches and convert the remaining switch to a simple ‘regular’ one-way switch.

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In general lights are controlled from more than one location for safety reasons. A room might have more than one entrance, or there is the top and bottom of the stairs, etc.

Think carefully about whether you really want to do this, and be prepared to put it back before selling the house.

All that you need to do is to remove the three way switch that you don't want. There will be three wires connected to the switch. There may also be a ground wire, which I am not discussing for the moment. One of the wires is a common wire, the other two are travellers.

After you remove the switch, connect one of the travellers to the common wire with a wire nut. Place a wire nut over the other traveller, with the wire not connected to anything. After you do this the other 3 way switch will act like a regular on/off switch.

If the switch is backwards (ie up is off and down is on, then connect the common wire to the other traveller wire at the old switch box. Make sure to place a blank cover over the old switch location.

The ground wire (if there is one) at the old switch location should be connected to the metal box.
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This question is posed often here, and there's always more to the story. Please tell us the rest of the story. And the rest of the story is always important. Why do you want to do this?

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