Wiring a basement office - metal studs

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Wiring a basement office - metal studs

I was wondering what type of boxes I should use for outlets with metal studs. the blue plastic ones or metal ones.

I was also wondering how many circuits I should go with.

4 outlets - maybe 2 computers, printer, a couple lights maybe running on this
4 pot lights with one dimer switch

Thx for your time!

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What no takers? Did I not give enough info?
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I used 4x4 metal boxes that had a built-in clamp for attachment to metal studs. Used single and double-gang mudrings as needed.
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I have never worked with metal studs and cannot address that part of your query.

Why don't you tell us more about the basement so we can adequately address the question of number of circuits.

How big is the room? Where is the room located? What other loads fo you anticipate?
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The room is 11ft by 11ft. The room actually has the circuit box in it. Any new circuits won't have to travel far.

I plan on running possibly 2 computers, printer, cable modem, maybe a floor lamp.

I was thinking an outlet on each wall.

I would also like to have 4 canon, or pot lights. Is this 2 many or not enough? I would position those evenly in the middle of each 11ft stretch about 2 feet out from the wall. Make sense? This would have one dimmer swith.

Thx for reading

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Sounds like a decent plan. You'll probably want to go with 2 circuits if you've got the room in your service panel. Some might say put each PC on it's own circuit and the lights on another, but I think you'd be fine with one circuit for lights, 1 for computers. One receptacle in roughly the middle of each wall should do, but don't hesistate to put a few more in. Wire and receptacles are cheap and easy to install before the sheetrock is up. So do it right the first time.

I would agree with the other poster and say use the 4x4 boxes with the metal stud clamps and plaster rings. Just make sure to bond (attach grounding wire to) your boxes if you go with the metal type. And don't forget your grommets or bushings where your cable passes thru the metal studs.
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One more thing.

The circuit can be a 15A running 14/2 wire, correct? Wiring suggestions?

Thx for your help!

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15A /14-2 should be good. If you plan to run anything motorized (fan, heater) allow for an outlet circuit separate from the one for the computers.

I would guess that the computers will be networked and share a common internet connection and printer. Will there be a scanner?

You probably need 4 wall outlets in the immediate computer area. Plug 2 surge protectors into one of them. The other can be used for incidentals, phones, lamps etc. I mounted 2 4 foot outlet strips on the wall behind the computer and plugged them into the surge protectors. Most stuff is then plugged into them.
I have :
Computer/monitor - 2 outlets
speaker system - 1
laptop - 1
modem - 1
router - 1
hubs - 4
phones - 2 (one is plugged into a phone surge protector which is plugged into an outlet strip)
printers - 2
print server - 1
scanner - 1
desk lamps - 2 (ps. I would add two smaller pots directly over the desk, as task lights on their own switch, to eliminate the need for these. My office is a little bigger than yours and the 4 75W pots are just adequate. I see a project in my future.)
stereo receiver - 1
turntable -1 (I've been copying some old albums to CD)

As you can see they get used up pretty fast, especially with devices with transformers, which can't be plugged into a regular surge protector next to each other.
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Thanks for your input!

I do have most of those items you mentioned. I will have to re-think this a bit. I would hate to finish the room and shot myself in the foot.

Thx all for your help

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