Adding new circuit to office

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Adding new circuit to office

Hello all.
I am a former tinbender, so I have some knowledge, and understanding of doing quite a bit. I am not however an electrician, and cannot afford to hire one. And things aren't what they use to be. Back when, we could hire a sparky for a few 6packs, or a couple of cases of beer. No more. Now everyone wants money, and lots of it.
I have an office to the side of my garage. I have been having more and more electrical cut outs due to an overloaded circuit.
I've finally figured out what I want to do to solve this.
I have a full computer setup with scanners, printers, etc... As such, I need what I'm told is a 10 gang box.
After giving it more thought, I'd like to do two or three of these to handle future electronic needs.
I'd also like to do the same for my entertainment center.
In tonite's news, a local lost her entire house due to an overloaded power strip. It turns out that she had 8 devices plugged into this strip.
As you can imagine, it has added a bit of concern to my quandry.
As to vernacular, I know it, so just talk to me.
If anyone would explain how I can do an entire circuit from design, to install, I'd be willing to trade knowledge for an HVAC system, or how to do a metal roof, ornamental works, etc....
A direct email to me would be preferable, as I'm rather busy, and might not make it back for a while.
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A 10 gang box? Boy that would be fun to wire! The largest I have seen are 4 gangs, maybe 5, but even those are getting a little ridiculous in terms of wiring.

I think what you need is several 2-gang boxes each with 2 duplex receptacles mounted within. Run a circuit powering only the computer and peripherals and another circuit, or two, for your entertainment center.

Best way to go about it is itemize everything that you will be plugging in and total up the power consuptiom of each item. That way you will be able to design the most suitable layout for your new circuits.
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circuit needed

Thanks Hotarc.
That part is just my beginning. While I've not yet figured my loads, I'd thought that having two or three circuits would be best. And perhaps I've misunderstood what the gang count means. I'd figured having two or three 10 outlet receptacles per circuit.
The entertainment ctr is actually in my family room, so that would definitely be another circuit.
Obtaining loads would be easy enough. I use ohms law to determine that, correct? Or do I need power--P=I^2R-- consumption?
Part of my issue in wiring my office circuitry deals with the fact that I've just never wired anything other than installing a ceiling fan...
Yes, I've wired stereos, both home, and car, and I've built sign cabinets, including the wiring. I have not however done any home electrical. When I was younger, I thought that I could watch the electricians on the job, and catch on, but I just never got the time to do so.
So, I literally need some explaining done. I've purchased some DIY books from the hardware store, but I'm not satisfied with their ability to take me step by step.
I'd prefer paying to have it done, but living on disability doesn't afford that opportunity any more.
So, I am more than willing to trade knowledge, and explanations so that I can DIMyself.
Again, thanks for the initial response.

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