4 Switch Gang - Any Diagrams?

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Question 4 Switch Gang - Any Diagrams?

I am finishing a room in my basement. I have installed recessed lighting and I have four rows of three fixtures. I want to wire each row on a single pole dimmer switch. I have a 4 gang box and I have the power supply coming into the box and all of the feeds to the fisxtures coming to the box. I began pigtailing and I am about 3/4 of the way trhough connecting all of the wires, but now I have a brain cramp. I am going crazy looking at all of these wires and wire nuts and I have lost faith in my ability to make sense of this procedure. I have all the whites pigtailed together via two or three pigtails (I have no more than four 14 AWG wires in any wire nut), I have all of the grounds pigtailed together. Now I am in the process of pigtailing the appropriate blacks together. The dimmer switches have one ground and two blacks (no nuetral wires). This is where my confusion begins. with two black leads on each switch and four switches, thats 8 black wires plus the black hot lead coming into the box and the black line for each row of lights. How should I be connecting all of the black wires? Are there any diagrams available that illustrate such a gang? All I have been able to find on the web for illustrations are 3 way and 4 way illustrations. No single pole gang applications. HELP....
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I don't see any reason for any pigtails at all--well, probably one for the grounding wires.

Connect the power black to one black from each dimmer--that's five wires in a wire nut.

Connect each of the four outgoing blacks to the other black wire on each dimmer--that's two wires each in four wire nuts.

Connect all five white wires together. That's five white wires in one wire nut.

Connect all nine grounding wires. Since a wire nut won't handle that many, you probably need two red wire nuts connected by a jumper. That's five grounding wires in one wire nut and six in the other.

I hope you bought a really big box. I usually don't like four-gang boxes, preferring to use two double-gang boxes instead.
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As long as you are certain of the hotleg among all the other black wires,the only problem you seem to have is figuring out which which wire is the switchleg for which set of lights.All that needs to be done with the hotleg is to have a pigtail coming off of it for each switch.Or if you like have 1 pigtail coming off the hot to 1 switch then a pigtail off of that and so on.The only drawback is the # of wirenuts filling up the box.I recommend 4 tails off of the hot. 2 more things I'd like to point out: Make sure the breaker is OFF before working, dimmers will be shorted out if wired hot.You may have to derate the wattage of each dimmer because of the # of dimmers in the box,check the instructions.Good luck.

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