Convert from DC to AC Baby Swing

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Convert from DC to AC Baby Swing

Could someone help me find out if there is a product out there that would allow me to SAFELY do the following:

My wife and I have a baby swing that runs on three "D" size batteries. Our three month old baby loves it. It is costing us a great deal to power this swing as three batteries gives us very little run time. Other than rechargable "D" size batteries, I am looking for a product or a SAFE way to convert this swing to AC power (obviously there is no current AC option with the swing). Yes, I should have thought of the AC option before I bought the swing, but it was bought for my first daughter (2+ years old) who didn't care for it so we didn't realize the problem until our latest addition.

I do not want to rig the swing to run on AC in an unsafe manner. I was wondering if there is a SAFE method or product out there...


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converting swing to AC

I would buy one of those multi power adapters. You plug it into AC and then you select the output DC voltage (in your case that would be 4.5V) as well as polarity. They come with multiple sized plugs and you usually select the correct one and insert it into your device. In your case, you would probably have to just cut the wires and then solder them to the two terminals being careful to maintain correct polarity. These are available at Wal-Mart, Radio Shack or similar store in the electronics department.

Your baby must REALLY like it. My daughter used her swing a lot and the batteries lasted an unbelieveably long time.

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Thumbs up Thank you, Hammerash


Thank you very much for the advice. She DOES love the swing, but honestly my wife and I have often said the swing should drain the batteries slower than it does. It's not like she spends her waking hours in the swing!!!

It is a Fisher-Price, 2 direction swing from 2001. When I visited the website recently, I noticed the newer version of the same swing requires one more battery (4) than our older model (3). Also, we don't throw the batteries away when the swing runs down, because there is still charge in them to run other things - flashlights, etc. Problem with this is most appliances and other devices don't take "D" size batteries. "D" size isn't as common as others... So I have big box of "D" size batteries.

Anyway, thanks for the advice, I'll look into trying your idea.

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Why not use rechargeable batteries?
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I would make a fake battery out of wood. I think a broom handle would be about the right diameter. Attach the wall adapter to the ends so that you can insert it like batteries.
You will need 4.5 volts DC. It's a guess about how many milliamps(ma). I would try 500 ma device.

Rechargeable batteries is also a good idea.
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I did exactly what you are asking about 7 years ago for our first.
Went to Radio shack and bought the AC adapter mentioned by Bill. I cut the small DC plug end off, and attached alligator clips (also from radio shack) by twisting them on the wire. Clip the alligators to the terminals that the battery would have pushed against, and you get get endless swinging. Happy days are here again.
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Bump up your voltage and your baby will really move. (No, I'm not recommending to do that.)

I took an 18V drill battery and put it in a fisher price Power Wheels Lil' Kawasaki ($25.00 unit) because the 6V in it was dead and it stunk.

The kid did wheelies and it goes faster than most riding lawn mowers. He liked it so much I went out and bought a SLA Battery and put it in series with the 6V.

It was very funny to see and fun for him.

I posted more information about this in Auto:Motorcycles, ATVs and Go Carts:

It's titled Pow-pow-power wheels.

:-) Happy swinging.

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