Electrical Inspection


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Electrical Inspection

We bought a 50+ year old house and have rewired the majority of the outlets and switches etc - replaced the main service panel added additional breakers etc.... The house is in Long Island NY - the person doing the work is an electrician but not licensed. Should I get this professionally inspected?? What do you think they would charge for something like this?? Your insight and thoughts are appreciated.
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Yes, I would get this type of work inspected. Understand that you may have needed a permit in the first place, so you may take some grief for not having the permit before the work was done. Contact the town where you live to find out who does the inspections. They may require a permit after the fact before they do the inspection. I don't know what the charge may be.

Now let's discuss a dicier subject. Did you tell the electrician that you were thinking of having an inspection done? It is quite possible that the electrician might have raised the price just a little to cover any added cost of an inspection and necessary rework. I'm not suggesting that the work done is in any way improper or not up to code, but sometimes inspectors find some very small issue that they want corrected. Sometimes the issue is a code violation, sometimes the issue is a judgement call, and sometimes the issue is not a violation. If the issue is small enough, usually the electrician will simply make the requested changes, rather than fight it. However, the necessary changes mean an additional trip to the house and a reinspection, etc. An additional trip to the house means added cost.

If you didn's discuss any inspection with the electrician he or she may not appreciate your doing so after the fact, and may make an issue out of having to come back and fix any problems.

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