Knob/Tube Wiring -- Attic Insulation -- ?


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Question Knob/Tube Wiring -- Attic Insulation -- ?

I have a home that was built in 1927 and it has knob and tube wiring. The knob and tube wiring in the attic is under that 'blow-in insulation'. A few years back I added additional insulation (roll in) on top of that.

Should I be concerned about fire danger with that insulation covering that 1927 knob and tube wiring?

Thanks for any advice/guidance that you can offer.

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Insulation is non-flammable. My house was the same way with the white rockwool blown all over the K + T. I don't think I would worry about the insulation going up, I'd be more concerned about the old wood going up. The wiring may be in good shape or it may not be usually depending on how much it's been disturbed over the years.. The insulation (on the wires) on my K+T would crumble away in your hand when you touched it.
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According to Article 324 in the National Electrical Code, 99 Edition.

324-4 Uses not permitted. Concealed K&T wiring shall not be used in commercial garages, theaters and similar locations, motion picture studios, hazardous locations, or IN THE HOLLOW SPACES OF WALLS, CEILINGS AND ATTIC WHERE INSULATED BY LOOSE, ROLLED, OR FOAMED-IN-PLACE INSULATING MATERIALS THAT ENVELOPE THE CONDUCTORS.

K&T needs to radiate the heat from the flowiing current into the air. Covering the conductors does not allow this and could result in a fire.

Please have this evaluated by a pro.

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