Wiring Ceiling Fan Switch


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Wiring Ceiling Fan Switch

I have a Hunter All Control Ceiling Fan switch and have already installed my hunter fan. My current toggle switch controls the light, and the fan is always 'hot'. When I had my house constructed, I had a fan box installed with three wires (fourth including ground), and I installed the fan to have the toggle control the light.

My situation is: does the 'hot' wire for my fan run through the same outlet box as the wiring for the light? If so, then can I just grab that wire and connect to my all control ceiling switch and will that leave a hot wire in my box? I am assuming that the 'hot' wire for the fan is connected to a live wire.

If you need more information, please let me know.
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I understand your first paragraph, but the second confuses me. You installed the fan some time ago, and now want to add the All Control switch?

At the fan box, you have a 3-wire cable (red, black, white). The other end of that cable is at your toggle switch. So if you're asking "is the hot conductor that runs the fan, also in the box with the switch that controls the light?" the answer is almost definitely yes. It probably goes into a wirenut with other hot wires.
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Sorry for the confusion - I am a new home owner.

I opened the wall box with the toggle switch, and all the wires are crammed in the back of the box. I just wanted to know if the live wire that is connected to my fan motor (not the light) should be in there. I am assuming that the fan motor wire (from the wall box, not connected to the toggle switch) has a wire nut to a live wire. What is the best way to contain the live wire once I connect it to my new all control switch?
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Your post does not make sense, even on your second attempt.

What do you mean, "contain" the live wire?
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The live wire that connects to the fan probably also connects to the switch to control the light. You have one swithced wire and one continuous hot wire. You don't need to control the live wire. It will be used with your new control.
This assumes the live wire comes into the switch box. It is possible that the live wire comes into the fan box.

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