2 outlets to be controlled by 2 switches


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2 outlets to be controlled by 2 switches


I am a new forum user and hope someone can help!

I have each appliance switch (2 of them) controlling the same outlet (either one). Would like to control one switch per outlet exclusively.

My connections: Black to bottom brass/ red to top brass / white to top silver / bottom silver depressed and bare ground to green.

My breakers: 20/40/20 20's are linked and 40 sits in the middle. 20's control the disposer & dishwasher. 40-dryer.

How to make one switch control disposer and the other switch dishwasher?

Kudos for such a service!

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I think you're saying that you have disposal and dishwasher plugged into outlets (are they in the same outlet box under the sink, or different outlet boxes?), and that they are controlled by two 3-way switches. Either switch will operate both appliances.

And, you would like to have each appliance operated by one switch, and only one switch.

I think we need more information about the existing wiring. The wiring that you described - what is that? A switch? The receptacle (2 outlets) into which you plug in the disposal and/or the dishwasher? Something else? What wires are connected at the switches?

Why do you need the dishwasher on a switch, anyway?

And for our experts - does code permit a disposal to be on a 3-way switch (one of them presumably not being within arm's reach)?

Again, I hope I understood your question. But I will not be surprised if I didn't.
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Thanks much for your reply...

Yes, same outlet box (top/bottom). Do not know whether it is a 3-way switch. Yes, right now (with my amateur wiring to the outlet) either switch operates either outlet.

Yes, one switch per outlet per appliance (as it was - before I replaced the outlet).

Wiring was done by me to the receptacle (2 outlets) and yes that's where I
plug both appliances. Have no clue on switches - they were not touched or
opened by me.

Dishwasher in home always had a switch - control child playing dishwasher knobs!

Thanks again
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Now we are geting the correct info. It worked one switch per outlet on the receptacle before you changed the receptacle. Check the old receptacle. You will see the tab between the brass screws has been broken off. Break the tab off your new receptacle and everything be as it was before. Just grab it with some pliers and flex a couple times and it should break off.
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Make sure that you break the tabs to match the old outlet. If the old outlet has tabsbroken on both sides then break them on both side. If the old outlet has the tabs broken on the brass side then break on the brass side.
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Thanks a bunch to each one of your reply...

The problem is fully resolved ! And yes, breaking off the tab between the brass side of the connectors fixed all. The other side (white wire) had none broken before or now.

The switches works as before and my congress (wife) is impressed & happy now Keep up your yeoman service!


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