help with insulation


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help with insulation

Hi all

Im replacing the knob and tubing in my house and found some insulation between some wires and heating sure this ins is asbestos[age,texture,color]there are 3 pieces of about 12' by 18' and 1/4 ' thick and i would like to remove them ASAP. i contacted 2 asbestos removal companies but they have not return my messages.
My question to the pros:is the removal of this insulation, assuming it is asbestos, with proper care and caution something that a non pro do?
Thanks for help
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A small amount of asbestos can be removed by he homeowner if the has some way of keeping the asbestos fibers from becoming airborne. That usually involves keeping it wet, but you should read a complete description of the process before deciding to undertake it. This works fairly well for asbestos floor tiles, but I'm not sure you can accomplish this with asbestos insulation.

In most cities, a small amount of asbestos can be disposed of with the household trash if double-bagged.

If you send a sample to a lab, you can get it tested for asbestos for about $25.

Professional asbestos removal is very expensive.
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Thanks so much John for info , i think i have no choice but to call a profesional.

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