Extending unswitched circuit


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Extending unswitched circuit

I am going to install a new medicine cabinet W/lights. I need the instructions to have the light switch on the left side of the cabinet and a gfci on the right side, same circuit. The gfci not to be switched. This will be all new wiring 12/2 w/ground.

Thank you, Bob
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First, I suggest that you buy and read several books on home wiring. These books will tell you all that you need to know, and more than we could possibly tell you in answer to this question.

You have several options, but I would wire as follows: Power to GFCI receptacle. Power from GFCI to switch. Switched power from switch to lights. Since the medicine cabinet is most likely metal, I would put the lights on the load side of the GFCI receptacle.
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Bring power into the GFCI receptacle. run 12/2 from receptacle to switch. Run 12/2 from switch to lights
Connect black to gold and white to silver 'line' screws.
Connect switch 12/2 to load screws.
At switch connect one black to each screw and white to white with wire nut.
At lights connect all blacks with wire nut and connect all whites with nut.

In all boxes connect all grounds together and connect to ground screws on receptacle and lights and switch if it has a ground screw. If boxes are metal connect ground to box as well.

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