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Question Outdoor receptacle

First, I'd lake to thank those that answered my earlier questions. My friend's basement is completely wired & everything went perfectly.

Now for my next question:

I would like to put an outdoor receptacle approx 15' from the exterior of the house in order to power a light and a BBQ rotisserie. The box will be attached to a wooden deck.

While I apologize for a very general question, what concerns/considerations are needed for an outdoor run?

My original plan is as follows:
Run rigid conduit through the siding to the weatherproof box (using compression fittings as necessary)
Use a standard GFCI and a normal (non-protected) breaker
I'm also considering tapping into an existing outdoor receptacle

As I am in Chicago, condiut has been used everywhere as the ground. PVC is not an option.

Any ideas/suggestions/advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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If you already have an existing power source outside just jump off that. Just make sure there aren't too many things on that run and be sure to use gfci outlets. Your breaker in the house doesn't have to be protected (if your talking gfci)

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If the outdoor receptacle you are tapping off of is already GFI protected, then you don't need to install a GFI receptacle at your new location as it will already be protected as well. If you are tapping off a GFI receptacle, make sure you tap off of the "load" side screws to properly protect your new receptacle.

Do they sell "UF" wire in Chicago? Do you have to run everything in conduit?
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The problem with UF wire is that I do not have a clear path to the receptacle because of a large deck. I'd have to extend the circuit approximately 100'.

I am just assuming that I need solid conduit, because I am following what the builders did on the interior. EMT conduit was used as a ground.

I will have to check code, but would it be acceptable to use Romex-type cable in PVC? I just assumed that since the panel currently has no ground wires from the circuits, I'd follow their lead.

If I did use PVC & Romex, where do I connect the ground?

Thanks in advance.
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If you can run the cable under the deck, you could use UF wire without conduit. You may want to stub a short piece of conduit down through the deck where you come up for your receptacle. If you do run cable and tap into an existing circuit that utilizes EMT (electical metallic tubing), you will have to install or utilize an existing metal junction box. The box would be grounded because it is attached to the metal conduit which is attached to the panel box. Junction boxes have a threaded hole in the back where a ground screw can be installed. Simply wrap the bare grounding conductor from the romex or UF cable around the screw and you will have a proper ground.

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