Suggestions regarding outside wiring


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Suggestions regarding outside wiring

Hello All,

I am trying to install 2 outlets outdoors with one of them being on a switch
to turn on/off. This feed is coming from the box and will have a dedicated breaker.

The wire will be buried and the sections that aren't will be inside flex conduit.

What is the best way for me to wire this project?

From the main box, to a junction that splits off to the always on outlet and the other going to a switch, then from the switch goes to the outlet controlled by the switch.

Am I able to do that?
and is that the best route to take?

Thanks in advance for reading this and responding!

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We need more information. Are the outlets close together? Are these outlets on the side of the house, or are they a distance from the house?
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Cable routing is a topology question. Trying to answer your question is like trying to tell you the best route to take to get to your aunt's house when we don't know where you live or where your aunt lives.

All other things being equal, I would route it:

Power->unswitched outlet->switch->switched outout.
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The first outlet is about 16ft from the house and the wire runs along a permanant wooden fence and will be buried in front of it.

The second is about 30ft from the house.

I'd like to install the switch for the second outlet beside the first outlet.

Thanks for the quick reply..
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thanks for the reply..

Well I wasn't too sure about how to wire the 2nd outlet to the switch.

I wanted to make sure that was correct place on the line to put it.

As far as routing, I know which path I am taking but just wanted to make sure
that they are wired (as far as power) correctly.
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It sounds like what you want is to run power to a double gang box, and then to a single gang box.

The double gang box will receive unswitched power. It will contain a receptacle and a switch. Unswitched power will go to the receptacle. The switch will be used to switch power going to the single gang box, which will contain a receptacle.

Make sure that either the breaker is a GFCI breaker, or that the first receptacle is a GFCI receptacle, and that you feed the switch and the second receptacle from the load side of the GFCI.

What do you intend to use these receptacles for? I would use a 20 amp circuit and 12 gauge wire, but depending on the use you could get away with a 15 amp circuit using 14 gauge wire.
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Thanks for the excellent help!

I picked up 12Gauge wire that is suitable for direct burial without conduit (that doesn't break code does it?) and a 20amp breaker.

The unswitched outlet will only be used for the electric charcol starter for my smoker.

The switched outlet will be powering a small waterfall pump and lights wrapped around the patio.

Yea, I'd rather go big now just in case I decide to run another outlet or 2.. =]

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