Bathroom Light/Exhaust fan


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Bathroom Light/Exhaust fan

In my bathroom, there are 2 switches which, intermittently, control the exhaust fan and light assembly.

I say "intermittently" because at times, when I close one of the switches (presumably the one which is to control only the light), both the fan and light come on, while at other times, only the light will come on - after awhile, the fan will sometimes start up - and other times, only the fan will come on.

At other times, when I close only the (presumed) fan switch, the light will come on but not the fan.

And still, other times, when I close both switches, the light will come on, but not the fan, or the fan will run but not the light.

I've no idea the age/model of this exhaust fan. Apparently it is old since most that I have seen operate from one switch only. But could there be a short in the wiring somwhere or what?

I suspect that my description of what's happening is a bit confusing, so please read and re-read. I guess what I'm asking is: has anyone else experienced this type of oddity or it is just me

Thanks for the help

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Whether a light/fan combination operates from one switch or two switches has nothing to do with the age of the light/fan or the age of the installation. It only has to do with the wiring.

What you need to do is to determine if the problem is with the switches, the wiring or the light/fan.

If the problem is with the switches then it can be fixed by replacing the switches. If the problem is the wiring (ie there is a short or break in the wiring) then the wiring will have to be replaced. If the problem is with the light/fan then it will probably have to be replaced.

Start by determining how the lsetup is wired. Look at the wiring at the switches and at the light/fan. Determine where power enters and how it is switched. Determine where the problem is and go from there.

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