Installing dimmer switches on a mobile home...


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Installing dimmer switches on a mobile home...

I am trying to install two dimmer switches in a mobile home, the current wiring has only a black and a white electrical line going from the switch and up the ceiling to the fan. The Black AND Blue lines from the ceiling fan are both connected to the BLACK line and the white line of the fan is connected to the white line of the electrical line.

So to install the Fan controller(dimmer), I need to run one more black line from the ceiling to the switch. There is already a double space that each dimmer switch will use.

However my delimma is how to add the extra black line from the ceiling to the wall switch without tearing out the whole wall.

How in the world would, or could I do that so that I can seperate the fan and the light onto their own dimmer switch?

Thank you so much for any insight you can offer.
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Do not put your fan on a dimmer switch. That is unless you want the motor to burn out.

As for replacing thw wiring from the switch to the fan/light, there are probably as many ways to replace wiring as there are ways to run wiring in the first place. You will have to analyze the situation to figure out what is best.

It would help us here if you told us exactly how everything is wired.
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You'd be much better off getting a remote fan controller (it doesn't actually "control" anything - the controller is installed at the top of the fan, unlike a dimmer switch that controls the power.)

These are usually wireless and installed at the switch plate - but not always.

Then, you would connect the Blue (light hot) to the controller, which usually also will dim the light. Connect the Black (fan hot) to the controller, which will control fan speed. And the White is neutral (common to both fan and light.)

Depending on the model, you may or may not have to connect the remote to the power at the switch plate, but in most cases you just wire the Blacks together in the wall.

Good luck!
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I actually bought a dimmer switch that is for the fan, that will not burn out the motor. It is called "Fan Control", I bought it from Lowe's they said that it would keep the motor from burning out and from making a loud noise, it was like 30 bucks for just the one...

I also bought a regular one which is for the light.

Here is the setup on it....

It goes from a dual box, which SHOULD be big enough for both dimmer switches. From there the electrical line goes up the wall. I have not taken any of the wall off, to know exactly how it is housed, but I think it might be in an aluminum tube of some sort. I took the fan apart, and seen how it arrives there, it looks like it comes in an aliminum pipe of some type.

Where it arrives, there is only one black and one white line. The blue and the Black line from the Ceiling Fan are both tied onto the black line.

So when the light switch is ON, then I can use the pull strings to turn on and off the light and/or fan. If the switch is OFF, then neither work.

The idea is to seperate them, which as I said in the original post, there is only the two electrical lines, white and black (and of course the ground [brown]).

I thought about possibly somehow taking a new electrical line, the one that has 2 black lines, one white line, and the ground line, and somehow sodering it to the one that is already there, then pulling the original cable from the wall so that it will "thread" the new line with the old one. My worry is that maybe the soder will BREAK in the middle of the wall, and I'd be in trouble.

I hope this gave you some New information to help me know the best way to do this.

Thank you very much!

Thank you.
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If you wanna do it that way, you have no choice but to pull more wire. But, I would still recommend going with the wireless type fan control - they work just as good as a regular dimmer/control and would be much, much easier to install.

BTW, you'll probably have no luck pulling that wire through conduit - you may get lucky, but I seriously doubt it. A good place to start would be to pull slightly on the wire either at the fan box or at the switch and see if it's moving at the other end. This would at least tell you if the wire is joined at a J-Box or if it's stapled anywhere, or if it's just free in the ceiling/walls.

Good luck!
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They sell fan controls that will do what you want without any additional wiring. Check out the Hunter 27186, sold at many sites on line and home centers.

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