Subpanel/Cable run questions


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Subpanel/Cable run questions

When running 6-3 Romex perpendicular to the joists for a subpanel (open basement ceiling), is it OK to mount it on a run of 1x3 pine? Is this method OK in most municipalities that you know of? If not, what's the preferred way - BX? Conduit? The ceiling is 7' 2" high.

Also, if I decide to call a Pro, will he take care of the permit on a small job like this or is it up to me. And will the inspector likely come to my house and check it out (in your experience)?

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using a "running board" method is acceptable. Usually, the electrician will pull the permit, if needed. If a permit is required, then an inspection is usually required, also. As for whether or not a permit is required or if you can even do the work, is up to the state/local government in your area.
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With 6/3, code even allows you to skip the running board if you want. Although with a low ceiling, I'd be tempted to use the running board anyway.

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