Flickering lights and temporary power loss


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Exclamation Flickering lights and temporary power loss

Recently our lights have started to flicker. Sometimes the lower part of the house loses power for about 5-15 minutes. The last time this happened I went to the breaker box and shut down the power to the main house and clicked it back on and everything was fine. The trip switch was not tripped to the lower house. The power company came out and tested the wire to the house and everything was o.k. I was told that the trip switch might be bad to the lower part of the house because the lights flicker there only. Do I replace the trip switch? I am TIRED of setting my TV and answering machine everyday!
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The first place to start is with your power company. Have them check the wire leading to your house and the meter for a loose connection. Do this now. This could be a dangerous situation.
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If you're satisfied that the power company did a thorough check, then you should now have an electrician check the connections in the panel. But first do some further investigation to gather more information. Is the flicker only on one circuit, or more than one circuit? Is it only on the lights controlled by one wall switch, or more than one? Is it only on one kind of fixture (e.g., recessed cans)?Does the flicker correspond to any other electrical event in your house (e.g., the sump pump running or somebody ironing clothes)? What exactly do you mean by flicker (e.g., do the lights just dim, or go out entirely)?
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The power company came out and ran a test on the line and it showed no problems. The lights dim slightly and come back on. Other times the power to the lower level of the house goes out. I can make the lights come back on by shutting the main breaker off and clicking it back on.
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Sounds like a loose connection in your main panel. Could be the breaker connecton the bus bar or the wire connection to the breaker.

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