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Has anyone ever suggested writing articles about FAQ's? here? I know that the grounding issue has been hashed out alot here in the past. Someone should write a good, very detailed and grammatically correct article on subjects like these. I know you're all volunteers and you enjoy the questions, but it has to be really tiring to try and explain theory, as many of my specific questions tend to go off into.

Questions, of the type of "How do I do this or that" can still be answered in brief posts, but the thread I read on the grounding argument from 2001 was over 100 posts long!! And my current one has hit 24 or more so far.

It doesn't take too much time to offer advise on whether or not, and specifically how, to install a ground rod, for instance. But when ppl like myself want to get into "theoretical" questions and discussions, it takes a lot longer. One nicely written article on the different aspects of "why" you should separate a neutral from the ground in a subpanel could do wonders.

Searching the forum takes time, and reading a lot of posts can be frustrating to those of us who want to learn, and at the same time it "has" to frustrating to the pros when some of us thick heads don't understand and we either write 50,000 posts or, sometimes we just give up, not understanding, and end up doing bad, unsafe jobs.

Thanks to all you guys here at If I knew more, I sure would volunteer to do the writing! But I don't, so hopefully someone else might have some spare time.

Just a suggestion

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The possibility of an FAQ has been discussed many times. Unfortunately, the software that runs this site does not support a per-forum FAQ. The closest we come is those sticky posts at the top of the forum, but too many of those are annoying and nobody reads them anyway.

Another factor is that individual advice is much more valuable than generic advice. Generic electrical advice can already be had at hundreds of web sites and in almost any home wiring book. But no two situations are exactly alike. We already have enough trouble with people using advice given to someone else when it doesn't actually apply to them, and the devil is in the details.
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I agree that most people who post here expect personaized service but I think it is helpfull to have some info available so that people can at least be offered a small amount of info to do basic research if they want to and also more importantly know what info to provide to not have to pry it out in several posts.
I don't really mind posting back and forth but the poster would have the question answered in a much more timely manner.

I am in total aggreement that the stickies are a major problem and when the site changes are completed would be the first houskeeping issue that should be dealt with.

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