Faulty socket?


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Faulty socket?

3 of 4 sockets on the ceiling fan work great. The bulb in the 4th flickers and goes out (not burns out) on a regular basis. I can jiggle the bulb and it comes on for awhile. I can rotate bulbs and whichever bulb goes into the 4th socket, acts the same way. I'm thinking the contacts within the socket are not making proper contact, Can the contacts be be fixed or should I replace the socket completely?
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Bad bulb socket.Save time & aggravation just replace the entire light kit.
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I had the same problem with my bathroom light. Took it down and noticed a little black spot around the rivet (inside of socket). The wire is good and tight, the rivet just wasn't making good contact with the threaded part of the socket.

Put a drop of solder on the inside and it works fine. Hope this makes sense.

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Baldwin was right on target...but

Once I removed the unit and took it to the garage I could see immediately what Baldwin was talking about. The rivets were loose. The entire porcelain socket came out once I removed a small screw but in examing the socket I could tell the wiring was shot....cracking off as I moved the wires. The socket was rated for 60 watt bulbs and that's all we used. I guess the heat is concentrated it that area. I found it was cheaper to replace the entire unit rather than buy 4 new sockets...probably safer also. Sandy

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