Electrical Inspector Due Tuesday


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Electrical Inspector Due Tuesday

I have completed the wiring of my woodshop which is a freestanding building. A licensed electrician installed a 60 amp feed from the house to the panel. I have wired the shop using EMT on the surface with 3 circuits (120 volt) for lights and receptacles. One 240 volt circuit for the table saw. This will be inspected next week.

I am curious to hear from the pros and amateurs regarding the more common pitfalls you have seen.

Your reward will be a report of the outcome of my inspection. Thanks to you all.

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Possible mistakes:
  • Failure to install a grounding rod.
  • Failure to have separate neutral and grounding bars.
  • Installing the green bonding screw in the subpanel.
  • Not providing GFCI protection.
  • Having more than six sweeps of the hand required to disconnect all power to the building.
  • Installing the panel in an area with insufficient clearance.
  • Not adequately protecting the wires.
  • Running cables too close to the edge of a stud without a protector plate.
  • Not adequately securing cables with staples.
  • Driving the staples too hard.
  • Damaging the cable during pulling.
  • Not burying the feeder deep enough.
  • Not using wet-rated wiring in the feeder.
  • Incorrect breaker size protecting the feeder.
  • Direct burying wiring not designated for direct burial.
  • Not leaving enough free wire in the boxes.
  • Stripping too little or too much of the sheathing.
  • Two wires under a screw.
  • Not routing the wires neatly in the panel.
  • Not torquing the screws properly.
  • Not connecting the grounding wires with approved devices (such as a green wire nut).
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"Not leaving enough free wire in the boxes."

Do I have a problem here? In the 240 volt circuit, my wire, THHN, runs through conduit shared by a 120 volt circuit. Since the 240 volt circuit is a continuous wire straight through receptacle boxes on the 120 volt circuit I saw no need to leave "free wire" in those boxes.

The 120 V circuit has free wire, pigtails on receptacles.

Am I in trouble?

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Well, that's a relief. I've been out in the shop cleaning a bit to make it look neat and I was looking at the circuit and decided, if necessary, I could cut the wires and add some for slack if necessary. Much happier to leave it alone.

Appreciate your prompt reply. You've helped put this old guy's mind at rest.

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Nothing beats success! It passed.

This is Tuesday, and after lunch I was in the shop for about an hour putting tools away when I happened to notice the green postit in the window. APPROVED.

The inspector obviously came in while I was eating lunch, looked things over and gave it the OK. I didn't hear his truck or I would have gone out to see what his thoughts were.

I understand that some experiences with inspectors have been less than desireable, but this guy had answered questions, offered advice, and reminded me each time I talked to him that he was there to help. I couldn't have asked for more.

We've been here in Western North Carolina 8 months and continue to be impressed by the people we meet.

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I know how you feel. Put your feet up and have a beer. Congratulations!
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Doing it right and having it inspected gives you that great feeling. Congrats.

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