electric motor woes


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electric motor woes

i have two electric motors that i'm having a problem with. one is an old Norge (i assume from a refrigerator) 1/4 hp 1740 rpm. the other is a GE 1/2 hp 3650 rpm. i'm trying to use them to turn a squirrel cage blower; the norge won't turn at full speed when a load is on it, and the GE won't turn at all with a load on. they both run fine with no load. any suggestions? let me know if you need more info from the motors.
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They're probably overloaded. You might be able to reduce the load by changing pulley sizes (smaller on the motor/larger on the blower). The other problem is that the higher HP motor also has a higher RPM which works to your disadvantage in this application, so it's not like you have twice the motor with the 1/2 horse, especially if you're using the same pulley set for both motors.

Another problem may be that they're split phase motors and that the capacitor has failed. If there is a capacitor on the side of the motor, and you have a volt meter, we can walk you through the test procedure. I would try the pulleys first though.
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electric motor woes

i'll try the pulley thing and get back to you if that doesn't work. thanks so much for your assistance.
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you might try the ge motor an give the fan a "push" to get it started. If it runs then, it is the capacitor or possibly a centrifical switch problem.

Scott E.

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