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Cool junction boxes

i just built a work shop and i am adding a junction box to control my receptacles....how do i go about running the wire from my junction box in the house to the junction box in the shed and what gauge wire should be used?
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The two big questions are: (1) how far is it from the house breaker panel to the shed (as the cable goes)? and (2) how much power do you need?

The second question is harder to answer. Answer too low and you'll have insufficient power and need to do it all over again. Answer too high and you'll incur extra expense and effort. Consider what you will be running out there. Is it just simple lights and a drill? Perhaps a table saw? An air conditioner? Heat? A television? A welder? A kiln? A refrigerator? A freezer? A garage door opener? Consider only what might realisitically be running simultaneously. For example, you might have a table saw and a planer, but would never run both at the same time. But you might run the table saw and the air conditioner at the same time.

To get us in the ballpark, just pick one of: (1) Less than 2400 watts, (2) More than 2400 but less than 4800 watts, (3) More than 4800 but less than 14,400 watts, (4) More than 14,400 watts.

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