switch loop


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switch loop

i want to add a receptacle in the kitchen. the closet and easiest plce to get power from is a wall switch on the other side of the wall. the switch is at the end of the run. it controls a nearby outlet. it has a white wire connected to the top screw and a black wire with a white mark on the bottom screw. how can i wire the new outlet so that the switch still controls original outlet and not new one?
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You cannot do what you want without replacing the wire from the old outlet to the switch.
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replace the wire with what, 3 wire cable?
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Forget the switch. Find the second easiest place to get power.

Or yes, you could replace the black/white/bare cable with black/red/white/bare cable. But I doubt that that is easier.
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Aswitch loop is wired with a hot wire only, plus a ground. There is no neutral (return) wire with a switch loop.

To obtain power from a switch wire with a switch loop you need to replace the existing wire with a three conductor wire. As John said, the existing cable contains black, white and bare wires. You need to use cable that contains black, white, read and bare wires.

After installing the new wire you change how the wires are hooked up. You use the black wire ti supply hot power to the switch. You use the red wire to bring the switched power back to the light or receptacle that the switch controls. You use the white wire to bring the neutral wire to the switch. Then you add regular two conductor (plus ground) wire to bring the unswitched power to the new receptacle.

As John said, it may be easier to find an alternate source of power for this new receptacle than to try to replace the wire to the switch.
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If this will be a countertop receptacle, then you cannot get its source from the nearby switch anyway. Counter top recepts need to be on small appliance branch 20A circuits.
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thanks for the help. it is not a countertop receptacle. it is 12" off the floor. i just wanted a more "out of the way ' receptacle to plug the phone into.
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If this is an SPS that switches power to a receptacle, you have the option of coverting the 2-wire cable from a"switch-loop" to a "Feed" if you have no objections to the receptacle no longer being switch-controlled.

Possibly you could connect a new switch-controlled receptacle directly under the existing switch outlet-box in addition to the other new receptacle in the kitchen.

Good Luck & Enjoy the Experience!!!!!!!!!!!

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