Hard wired appliances


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Hard wired appliances

I have purchased new appliances from Sears and they have told me that to take them away, I must disconnect them myself. I plan on hiring somebody to connect the new ones, however, I don't want to pay somebody to disconnect items I am throwing away.

I have a microwave/hood, and I cant figure out for the life of me what is holding it up. The hood housing is in the cabinets above, there is a large metal box connecting the ventilation system to the microwave. I have no idea how to get this out, it seems VERY sturdy, so there must be something obvious that I am missing.

My old stove was hard wired directly into the back of the stove. Will my new stove have the same setup, or will have to modify the service?
Thanks in advance.

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I'm not familiar with this specific microwave/hood set up, but the older GE Spacemakers had screws on the front or bottom of the microwave unit that, once removed, allowed you to slide the microwave assembly out of the case. Once out, the mounting hardware of the case became accessible. The newer Spacemakers hook onto a bracket that's mounted to the back wall. They can simply be tilted up and lifted off the bracket. Hopefully the unit you have will have a setup similar to one of these.

Depending on the set up it's usually fairly simple to change a hardwire setup to a receptacle. It will probably require the addition of a box to house the receptacle. If you have a qualified person perform the installation, they should be able to handle the conversion with no problem.

Hope this helps.

Doug M.

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