Short circuit repair


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Short circuit repair

Hey everyone,

I have a dehimidifier that got zapped when our basement flooded. Is there any chance this can be repaired, or is it toast? It was running at the time and fell over when the water came up.

I'd normally not make a big deal about it, but we just bought it about a month before we got flooded, and it was one of the higher end models. Is it worth the $30 charge to have the repair man look at it?

Thanks for any help you might have,

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Try opening it up and letting it dry out in the sun for a few days. That might do it, unless some connestions got fried.
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Thanks Andy,

I'm afraid it's been long enough now that it's dried out already. I'm guessing that if the connections and circuitry did get fried, it's time to toss it?

Thanks again,

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You may want to get it looked at. In many (most?) places of the country you will pay a disposal fee for getting rid of a dehumidifier. I would at least figure out what is shot and go from there.
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The compressor system is sealed. The water won't have hurt that. It is only the control switch and the fan could have a problem. I would plug it in and see what happens. If the fan doesn't start right up when you turn it on, shut it off and pull the plug.

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