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Question corrected power

I recently purchased a 2 hp table saw. It has a normal three prong plug. The manual calls for an independent 30 amp breaker. The salesman asked if I had a 220? Is this a special wiring application change at the motor and circuit breaker? I guess this thing draws a lot of power....lots of slots in my breaker box.
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It would seem unusual for a table saw with a motor that most likely "develops 2 hp" to require more than a 20 amp, 120 volt breaker. The fact that is has a "normal three prong plug" would imply that it "should" run on a 15 amp circuit. Only if the neutral blade was sideways to normal would it be a 20 amp plug requiring a 20 amp receptacle. Most garages nowadays have 20 amp circuits with 15 amp receptacles. With regards to the saleman's remark/question about 220, the motor may be a dual voltage model but you are correct in that it would require a connection change at the motor and a different cord set for that application. If it were mine, I would use it on a garage receptacle (20 amp circuit) with no more than a 25 foot long 12 gauge cord (if necessary). All this being said, my table saw will occasionally trip a 20 amp breaker if the blade binds up or if I'm making a ripping a long thick board and the motor is loaded up for quite a while.
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The Full-Load current of a single-phase, 220 volt motor is 12 amps ( NEC Table 430.148).

The 30 amp rating of the 2-pole breaker as advised is correct. The ampacity of the Branch-Circuit conductors is 20 amps, #12THHN wire.

The receptacle must accept the cord-plug as provided, which probably has a rating of 15 amps, 220 volts.

Good Luck & Enjoy the Experience!!!!!!!!!
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thank you both for the speedy reply! I was only concerned...

see last line of specs on this link

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