GFCI Problem?


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GFCI Problem?

I recently installed a 15 amp GFCI outlet in my son's kitchen. The dishwasher is wired downstream in this circuit. Now, the GFCI trips whenever the dishwasher is turned on.

Does this mean:
a) a problem with the dishwasher;
b) the GFCI needs to have a 20 amp rating;
c) the dishwasher should be on a separate circuit;
d) all of the above.
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a. It could be a problem with the dishwasher. But that's not my first bet.

b. Nope. That's not the problem.

c. It is always recommended that a dishwasher be on a separate circuit, but many are happily coexisting with a garbage disposal. However, this isn't related to your problem.

Dishwashers do not require GFCI, and are not usually put on GFCI. As I've said before, things will large motors sometimes have enough leakage to trip a GFCI. However, most dishwashers would not complain about the GFCI.

What else is on this circuit? Code prohibits the dishwasher from being on the same circuit as the counter receptacles, and counter receptacles are the only thing in the kitchen which require GFCI anyway.

If it trips immediately every time, even if you turn it on during a cycle that doesn't use the motor, then I would suspect a problem with the way you wired the GFCI.

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