Attic Fans and GFCI


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Attic Fans and GFCI

In my house all of the GFCI's are run off of the same breaker. We recently added a fridge to the garage, also on the GFCI, and now attic fan blows the circuit every time.

Does the attic fan, which has exterior pentration, have to be on a GFCI circuit? If so, can I add it to another non-GFCI breaker and use a GFCI outlet instead?

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This circuit is very seriously overloaded. Even if it didn't trip due to a ground fault, it would likely trip from time to time due to an overload.

Nevertheless, I don't recommend any fans be installed on GFCI. Anything with a large motor has the potential of tripping a GFCI. And putting a refrigerator on a GFCI circuit is typically a very bad idea if you keep food that might spoil in it.

I recommend two new circuits, one for your freezer and one for your attic fan. Code does not mandate GFCI for an attic fan.

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