Help with UF wire install


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Help with UF wire install

Hi All,

I am building a BBQ bar in my backyard and I need to get electric out there. I am going to use 12.2 UF. My question for you all is:

Can I run the UF along my patio and cover it with a layer of concrete? More specifically, there is already a concrete edge along my brick patio, and I want to butt the UF against that concrete and cover it with a layer of concrete. I want to go this route because I feel it's easy and safer than running it through my flower beds. There are sprinkler lines in my flower beds, which will make it difficult to dig down 18 or so inches.

What do you all think?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I do not believe that UF is approved for direct encasement in concrete. I haven't looked it up though. But if you're talking about below the concrete, then that would be okay.
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OK, so if it's not advisable to put directly in cement, can I run UF through PVC piping? My goal is to protect the wire a bit, as It's going through flower beds and there's always a bit of digging going on in the beds, not to mention the landscapers turing over the soil from time to time.
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John's answer was that below concrete is OK.

With 12/2, your circuit would be limited to 20 amps and it must be GFI protected because it's outdoors. You could do a 6" trench with 2" concrete cover. On that same circuit, anywhere that the UF won't be under concrete, it needs to be 12" deep - provided the cable is not "subject to physical damage".

If the UF is subject to damage, you must protect it (run it in conduit).

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