Wiring new kitchen circuit


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Wiring new kitchen circuit

I am planning to install a new set of kitchen cabinets in an old kitchen. In the process I am going to install new countertop outlets (3 total) that are GFCI protected and on a 20 amp circuit. Since I have not started the work yet, I was hoping to get some recommendations on the best way to set up the circuit (GFCI breaker vs. receptacles, alternating receptacles, bipole breaker, etc.). Any help that people can offer would be greatly appreciated.
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The kitchen is the most electrically regulated room in the house. You should not attempt any wiring changes in the kitchen without thorough study of the codes. I recommend the $6 green paperback book, "Wiring Simplified", available in the electrical aisle of Home Depot.

If you are merely adding a brand new 20-amp countertop circuit and not messing with anything else, then this is pretty simple. You will add a new single-pole 20-amp breaker to the panel, and run 12/2 NM-B cable to the kitchen. In the first countertop receptacle box you come to, install a GFCI receptacle and connect the 12/2 from the panel to the "line" side terminals. Connect another 12/2 to the "load" side terminals and run it to the second receptacle. There you can install an ordinary 15-amp duplex receptacle. Run 12/2 from there to the third receptacle and install another 15-amp duplex receptacle.

Don't put anything except kitchen countertop receptacles on this circuit.

The kitchen is required by code to have two such circuits. As long as you leave the existing circuits alone, it is okay for you to add a third such circuit (assuming you already have the code-mandated first two).

Post back with details if your electrical plans are broader in scope than just adding one new circuit and leaving everything else alone.

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