3-way switch stumper


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3-way switch stumper

OK, I have a three way swicth stumper here. I am remodeling my back hall to move my door to open onto my back yeard as opposed to my side yard.

In any case, I want to install a light fixture with a switch at the landing and top of stairs into my kitchen. The power would be switch-fixture-switch. HOWEVER, the kicker is that the first box is a double box, where I also need another switch that turns on an exterior flood light into the yard.

So what I need, is a wiring diagram directions that show how to do this... again, its switch-fixture-switch but the first switch is a double-gang box with a switch for an exterior light!!!

I have two wiring book and none show the exact issue. I assume this is possible, hope anyway.

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There are an infinite number of possible wiring combinations in a house, and wiring diagrams have not yet been created for all of them.

Think of this as two unrelated problems and figure out how to wire each separately. Would you know how to wire each fixture if the other one wasn't there? If not, post back and we can go through that. But if so, then all you have to do is split the power supply to the two switches in that double gang box. So the black wire from the power cable into the double-gang box would connect with a wire nut to two black pigtails. One pigtail goes to one screw on the single-pole switch and the other pigtail goes to the common screw on the 3-way switch. The power cable white wire connects to both the white wire going to the yard light, and the white wire going to the inside fixture. After that, everything is standard (again, post back if you don't know what "standard" means).

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